Boost-A-Brain is a window to spreading knowledge of esteemed Indian Universities and experienced professors across the globe. It is one of its kind, a path-breaking program that offers international students access to excellent higher education in India. It is an opportunity for everyone – students, international universities and Indian educational institutes. The program leverages Global Placement’s unique position where it is well connected with international colleges having student bodies that want good quality higher education and Indian universities that offer excellent programs.


Rooted in India and spread across the world skies, Global Placements is an Indian company with an international perspective. For over two decades, we have been bridging the gap between educators and students by assisting successful faculty recruitment in over 150 educational institutes in 20 countries.

We believe that successful education of a student rests on two pillars -

1. Encouragement

2. A Good Teacher

1. Encouragement comes in many forms -



Fair Treatments


2. Good teachers, however, have only two forms -



We’ve closely seen the effect of lack of good faculty and are determined to make good faculty accessible to everyone – whether by taking the teachers to the student body or by bringing the student body to the teacher.

Hence, we find ourselves in a unique position to create opportunities and continue to formulate path-breaking solutions to ensure that no student is deprived of good higher education.

As one of India’s prestigious professional institutes, we invite you to lend your support and help us admit students of your country in our new project, BOOST-A-BRAIN.

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The objective of Boost-A-Brain is to facilitate quality education of international students hailing from various countries, where access to potential knowledge providers is limited. This will be achieved by providing these students admission in reputed educational institutes of India and training their young minds for a better future.

This interaction will be designed to offer dual
benefits -

A unique opportunity for cultural exchange
 for host students

Quality education for the visiting students

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Why Study in India


Room for 40 million more students for advanced programs


Home to more than 800+ esteemed universities


20 Indian universities will rank among the world top 200 by year 2020.


An international hub for affordable yet quality education


Third largest higher education system in the world after US and China


Renowned for its accepting culture and welcoming vibe for all nationalities alike

The quality of Indian education has paved way for some of the most successful startups of our time

India's Biggest

Our Trusted Partners


Global Placements has a long-standing and privileged relationship with multiple international universities and Educational Ministries, providing them qualified faculty for their educational institutes for over 20 years. Our many visits to such institutes and interactions with their students puts us in a unique position to understand the latter’s pain points due to the lack of quality faculty for niche subjects and higher education. Hence, we are offering a prestigious collaboration to bridge this demand and supply gap for the students.


As a trusted partner, we will liaison for smooth on boarding of international students to Indian institutions


Use our resources and accreditations to validate the students’ admission in India


Help verify the prospective student’s credential to complete the admission procedure


Help visiting student with the visa procurement process



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